Athletes and Entertainers
Who Qualifies for a P Visa?

The P visa is another visa available for athletes, as well as for members of entertainment groups.  In general, P visas
are appropriate for group artists and athletes entering the US on trips of limited duration.  More specifically, the P
visa may be issued to a foreign national who is temporarily coming to the US:

to perform individually or as part of a team at an athletic competition with an internationally recognized level
of performance;
to perform with an entertainment group that has been internationally recognized in its field, provided the
individual has had at least a one-year relationship with the group as a performer or provides functions
integral to the performance;
to perform in a reciprocal exchange program between a US organization and 1 or more foreign exchange
organizations that provide for the exchange of artists and entertainers; or
to perform, teach or coach as an individual or part of a group on a program that is culturally unique.

Dependents of a P visa holder can also obtain a P visa, but they are not authorized to work while in the US.
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