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August 14, 2006
The American Immigration Lawyers Association
(AILA) named Edward Neufville as a faculty
member to co-present an August 14th web
seminar entitled
“Latest Trends in Asylum
Applications and the Impact of
'Material Support.”
July 17, 2006
The Washington and Lee Alumni magazine
features Edward Neufville in
"Law School  
Alumnus Edward Neufville '03 takes on the
Patriot Act."
July 3, 2006
The MoraisNeufville Law Firm, LLC opened its
doors in Silver Spring, Maryland.
June 12, 2006
The Legal Times quoted Edward Neufville in an
article entitled
"Refugees From Oppressive
Regimes Kept Out"  on his efforts to seek
asylum for a Christian detainee who is barred
admission under the broad application of federal
law on material support.
June 4, 2006
Edward Neufville received the 2006 Washington,
D.C. AILA chapter probono award for providing
outstanding legal services to underserved
April 11, 2006
Edward Neufville appeared along with a medical
expert to discuss the legal and psychological
implications in granting political asylum to victims
of torture.  The panel, entitled
“The Legal and
Psychological Aspects of Asylum Based on
Torture,” was held at the University of Baltimore
and sponsored by the University of Baltimore’s
Immigrant Rights’ Project.
March 8, 2006
The New York Times reported on the
MoraisNeufville's involvement in seeking the
release of a Burmese detainee in an article on
how the broad application of a federal law is
denying asylum protection to Burmese refugees.
Click here for the pdf.
January 26, 2006
Edward Neufville argued a material support
case, In re S-K-,before the Board of Immigration
Appeals (BIA) on behalf of a Christian detainee,
persecuted in her home country for her \religion.
Click here for the BIA decision.
January 25, 2006
NPR interviewed Edward Neufville on his
representation of an ethnic Burmese Chin being
denied asylum as an example of how a broad
federal law is denying refugees with valid
claims of persecution protection from repressive
Listen to the interview here.
July 15, 2004
The MoraisNeufville Law Firm, LLC opened its
doors in Baltimore, MD.